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Software Localization
We turn your software into Asian language versions for immediate entry into Asian markets and use CATALYST, RoboHelp Office, Adobe Acrobat and FrameMaker for localization projects to translate the string and help documentation files and resize dialogue boxes. We will work with you to carry out QA testing according to your test schedule on different operating systems and hardware environments to ensure that your localized version of the software will run smoothly on all platforms.

We have industry strength in our software localization service. One of our localization specialists used to work for Intel and was solely responsible for the localization and update of many software projects, including a large software package, Intel Server Control (ISC), from V2.1 through V3.0. The project included the translation of user interfaces and help files, help file compiling, dialog box resizing and bug fixing. Right now, the majority of work we do for Intel is software localization.

Website Localization
We have maintained our website with our own domain name since 1996 and designed our website all by ourselves using DHTML, ImageMaps, JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheet (CSS). With our in-depth understanding of Web technologies, we are capable of delivering a turnkey website localization project, including translation of HTML and ASP pages and localization of JavaScript, Flash animation and other graphic items.


We appreciate your expertise and are following your advice. We feel that you do impart a rare combination of techno-logical aptitude along with a great artistic flair. Just wonderful!
Rick Short, Director
Corporate Communications
Indium Corporation of America
This is a consulting project to name a company that they are setting up in China. The client is very happy with the names that we came up with for the new company.

Hello Bin: Here is what the editor told me which pleases me a lot: Here is the edited file. The translator did a very good job. The only omission I discovered is corrected with tracking. After that one is corrected, you have a very good work to deliver!
Marcela D. Pinilla, Latino Medica Consultants Inc.


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