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CJK Typesetting & Printing

If your are pressed for time to get your printed materials to China, we can help!

When you think you are going to miss the deadline for an important expo in China, think AsianA. Give us a call and we will set out to work to calm your scared nerves and lower your blood pressure. We will make it happen where you think it is impossible.

We use ISO9000 certified commercial printers with Heidelberg four-color presses and our printers are experienced in handling international orders. We can get your documents typeset in our office, printed in China and delivered on the same day or overnighted to your Chinese destination as they are printed, saving you the time and hassle of express shipping from the US to China, and thousands of dollars to boot. It could be a real life saver.

We provide premium quality Chinese, Japanese and Korean desktop publishing (DTP) services and turn your English files into matching CJK versions with a variety of output options. For marketing materials, such as ads, trade show posters, expo presentation folders and online multimedia projects, we use Corel Draw, Illustrator, Flash MX to localize and outline the text but keep the color and graphics intact.

The following are our Asian language DTP capabilities:

  • QuarkXPress Mac 4.1
  • QuarkXPress PC 7
  • FrameMaker 7.1
  • InDesign CS3
  • Acrobat 8.0
  • PageMaker 6.5
  • PowerPoint 2007
  • Publisher 2007
  • PhotoShop CS3
  • Illustrator CS3
  • Corel Draw 10
  • Freehand MX
  • Flash MX
  • Fireworks MX
  • AutoCAD LT 2004
  • Sound Forge 6.0
The high resolution (2400dpi) PDF files we provide do not require localized DTP programs to open or print. You can view and print the file on your own computer or drop it off directly to a commercial printer for volume production. Outlined EPS files can be provided for graphic work so that the localized text will display correctly on any computer.

If you cannot view Asian language PDF files on your computer, you can download Acrobat Reader 7.0 and Asian Font Packs from the Adobe web site for free. The links for the downloading are as follows:

Download Acrobat Reader 7
Download Asian Font Packs 


We appreciate your expertise and are following your advice. We feel that you do impart a rare combination of techno-logical aptitude along with a great artistic flair. Just wonderful!
Rick Short, Director
Corporate Communications
Indium Corporation of America
This is a consulting project to name a company that they are setting up in China. The client is very happy with the names that we came up with for the new company.

Hello Bin: Here is what the editor told me which pleases me a lot: Here is the edited file. The translator did a very good job. The only omission I discovered is corrected with tracking. After that one is corrected, you have a very good work to deliver!
Marcela D. Pinilla, Latino Medica Consultants Inc.


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